Chronicles of Halden, II
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Robin Gordon

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The story of the war between the youths of Halden and Swarrell,
presented in the original form as four plays
and in the revised form as a mock-heroic verse epic in four parts.


            Precious Sid is in danger from the angry father of his best friend Jim, who
     thinks he's queer, and from King's gang - until a concatenation of circumstantial
     evidence results in his being hailed as the hero of Swarrell after a skirmish in 
     the long-standing war against the Halden youths, a skirmish in which Swarrell 
     wins the banner: Halden gang-leader Nails's trousers)

Drama: Act I.  --  Act II.  --  Act III.

Mock-heroic verse epic


          After a humiliating defeat and debagging by Swarrell, Nails avoids his gang
     and takes up with Christian evangelist Janice who wants to win his soul to
     impress the curate, Mouse. Meanwhile Tommo plots to steal the leadership and
     Marlene from Nails)


          Inspired by a sermon from Mouse, King's girlfriend Effie aspires to be a
      peacemaker. Tommo uses her to win back the Banner to make himself leader
     of the Halden gang.

The Battle

          King summons all the gangs of Swarrell to battle, Little Willie retires to sulk
     in his tents when told by King that this is a serious battle in which there is no  
     place for juvenile tricks like debagging, but Norah makes sure that the
     confrontation does not fizzle out without loss of trousers.

Drama:  Act I.  --  Act II.  --  Act III.  --  Act IV

Mock heroic verse epic:
Cantos 1-5  --  Cantos 6-10  --  Cantos 11-15  --  Cantos 16-20

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