Robin Gordon

Auksford arms: a great auk displaying an open book with the words "Ex ovo sapientia"
Auksford, 2019

Copyright Robin Gordon 2019.

Is it our vanity
or just inanity
driving humanity
into insanity?

Every minority
grabs at priority,
scorning authority.
The wilder sorority
seems to hate men.

Each separate community
sees opportunity,
acts with impunity,
fomenting disunity
over again.

Those greedy bankers –
million pound bonuses –
useless as wankers
now that the onus is
“come to the aid of
our country in shtuck”.
See what they’re made of?
They don’t give a fuck!

Lords turn up and sign
to show that they’ve attended
All they do is dine,
and drink fine wine.
They go away,
come back next day
if they have condescended.

MPs with second houses
fiddled their expenses:
claimed for children, spouses.
Fury this arouses.
Have they lost their senses?
Should Europe take the blame?
No, it’s a home-grown game
most British of offences.

It’s part of a pattern
of disparate groups
who greedily batten
with wild joyful whoops
on ways of fiddling,
dishonestly diddling,
and trying to nab
all they can grab.

Ethnic minorities
must be respected.
Central authority’s
now disconnected.
Gender dysphoria’s
thought of as glorious.
Children are taught
they can’t be just boys.
Gender is fraught
with all sorts of noise.
Münchhausen’s by proxy
turns lad into doxy,
and this eccentricity
wins mums publicity.
The aim of the game
is five minutes fame.

Is it our vanity
or just inanity
driving humanity
into insanity?

Stiff upper lip
was once our pride’
now any quip
causes tears to slide
right down our cheeks
in wild emotion
and simply freaks
us.  At the notion
we weep an ocean.

It started, I think,
with princess Diana,
whose every blink
became a bright banner.
She had the technique
of using the press
to show herself weak,
a victim, no less,
so when she died
the nation cried:
a wave of feeling,
emotional tears,
which knew no healing
for years and years.

Giving way to their emotion
and abandoning their reason,
in an access of devotion
they would even think of treason.
They’d stir up a revolution,
overthrow the constitution,
all for some imagined slight.
They’d assassinate the Queen,
even though she’s always been
a shining beacon for what’s right.

This I fear is how it started,
emotion overthrowing thought,
all for feeling, sense departed,
and a situation fraught
with peril for our future being,
as with Brexit we are seeing.
Everything is blamed on Brussels
as the ERG now hustles
us towards the cracks of doom
There is poison in the papers
and intoxicating vapours
hide the truth behind a dark deceitful gloom.
The source of our prosperity
they blame for harsh austerity,
as they bustle us towards a pauper’s tomb.

Thanks to the Yanks
whose American banks
lent mortgages out
with no shadow of doubt,
in great unconcern,
and greed for return,
to poor folk whom they
found unable to pay,
then parcelled it up
to be unrecognisable,
sold Europe a pup
that was really quite sizable,
sent us into debt
and our banks in decline,
playing Russian roulette
that they didn’t confine
to cash of their own,
but what was on loan
both of yours and of mine,
our economy spun
into deepest recession.
Together we won
and avoided depression.

Depression was beaten
by co-operation.
There’s no way to sweeten
effects on our nation:
years of austerity –
but insincerity
blamed the EU,
lies of the press,
as Nazi blamed Jew,
for the press’s success
was to make up a foe
and let everyone know
that he is to blame
for everything wrong.
It’s the old fascist game,
the old Nazi song.
This time it was sales
inspired these false tales.

In globalisation
there’s no single nation
can hope
to cope
We need the formation
of co-operation,
or peace
will cease.

It would have been harder
restocking our larder
if not in a bloc
withstanding the shock.

Co-operation and free trade,
that’s how human wealth is made.

We’re leaders in science,
but in its appliance
we have to resign,
though not by design.

Although it is lauded,
we cannot afford it.

Blue Streak and Black Knight
were ready for flight
to be first into space.
We abandoned the race.
While the plan was accorded
the highest of praise,
and space was a craze,
we couldn’t afford it.

Our jump-jet, the Harrier
might break the barrier,
greatly superior
to every plane,
but it went down the drain.
We bought an inferior
USA jet.
That’s what we get.
No matter how lauded,
we couldn’t afford it.

Projects now are very large.
No single country can take charge
except the very greatest powers.
That designation can’t be ours.
Yet in Europe we achieve
more than we ever could believe.
Progress made in every field.
Prosperity will be the yield,
till Brexit
wrecks it.

If we leave the Union now
banks will take their cash away,
making profits anyhow,
while we get poorer day by day.

Motor manufacturing
will leave our shores for better  climes
to keep their place within the ring
of Europe, while for us hard times
will then expand throughout the land.
If only SHE would understand!

Isn’t it sinister
that a Prime Minister
couldn’t  care less
in what sort of mess
she leaves this poor land
as long as her band
of Tories keep power,
and hour by hour
approaches the cliff
over which we plunge if
we leave with no deal?
Will our wounds ever heal?

Do you think these fascist Tories
with imaginary glories,
living high upon the hog,
like Boris and Rees-Mogg,
care in the very least
if you’re living or deceased?

They promised you a Wonderland,
Nissan would stay in Sunderland,
they’re taking you to Blunderland
to feed their own ambition.,
and when in misery you lie
and ask these politicians why,
they’ll hope you hurry up and die,
for they won’t feel contrition.

A cloud-cuckoo land,
falsely called glorious:
“They’ll understand
our voices uproarious,
and what we demand,
so we’ll be victorious.”
That’s what they all tell
you and it’s all lies.
They’ll lead you to Hell.
Oh, what a surprise!

They say it’s democracy
to deny you a say,
but it’s purest hypocrisy
to ensure them their way.

They won’t give you a vote
in case you vote stay.
You’re held by the throat
to make you obey.

They’re totalitarians,
and when they’ve got
you they won’t care a jot
if you die in the gutter,
but don’t you dare mutter:
they’re disciplinarians.

Would you trust the ERG,
which promises to make you free?
You’re free to starve, I think you’ll find
if you should trust men of that kind.

If mass unemployment
gives you enjoyment,
then go with them, do.
When prices are soaring,
misfortune is pouring
it’ll pour on you too
and you’ll be wet through.

Those bully-boys on College Green,
harassing MPs,
they are the ones who’ve always been
the agents of all these
politicians who intend
to use the right to vote,
to get in power, achieve their end,
and then they will demote
elections and the people’s voice
to mean you only have one choice:

to signify assent
and say you are content.

The bully boys who beat up Poles
for not being what they choose,
are those same louts in Nazi roles
who used to beat up Jews,
They’re the ones, the fascist thugs,
who think they’re always right,
and those who disagree are bugs
who should be squashed with might.
Their aims have burst forth from the box,
they are the ones who killed Jo Cox.
Does hope still linger? Can we find it
before into the dust they grind it?

No hope from Labour.
No noble knight
to bring his sabre
to the fight,
for Corbyn sits
upon the fence,
hopes Tory splits
will drive May hence.
His constant shout
is ‘Drive her out!’
His selection:
an election.

Thanks to Corbyn and May
we’re enmired in soft clay.
Thanks to Boris and Mogg
we’re enmired in a bog.
Don’t take as your Bible
allegiance tribal.
Let disaffection
at an election
rule the day.
Don’t let them stay!
Get rid of them
and vote LibDem!

The referendum was supposed to be
so disaffected people, undeterred,
could cast absurd
votes to show their deep dissatisfaction
with every action
the Government had taken over years,
with no great fears
their vote would make the slightest difference.
It made no sense
to leave the bloc that guaranteed prosperity
for long austerity.

If there had been a vote that was decisive,
and not divisive,
we could excuse the headlong rush to leave
and all believe
the people all had spoken with one voice
and made their choice,
but one third of the people voted ‘out’,
that was no rout,
for one third also voted to remain,
one third: abstain,
so that result the Right thought Heaven-sent
was two percent
of those throughout the land who had a vote –
no room to gloat!

That’s two reasons why
we should leave high and dry
that vote, put it aside.
The first: it was advisory,
so many wild derisory
votes came in a tide.

The second: it was narrow,
scarce wider than an arrow.
There is   third: that as a guide
the Brexiteers lied.

Money for the NHS?
A lie! A lie!  A lie!
The NHS is in a mess,
and I will tell you why.

Doctors from Germany, nurses from Spain,
cleaners from Poland, who’d like to remain,
are sent away
in blank dismay
by the stain
of that black day.

They said Turks by the millions
would seize our sweet pavilions,
from cellar to dome,
make England their home.
That simply isn’t true:
they’re not in the EU.
No matter how the US may insist
they join, they never can
while ruled by such a man as Erdogan,
so Europe will resist.

The makers of motors, they tell you, will stay
in Britain forever, forever they say’
but Nissan is going and Honda as well,
and even the Mini.  They’ve sounded its knell.
For Brexit supporters it may be a shock,
but we haven’t the clout if we’re out of the bloc.

If, however, they’re overjoyed
at seeing millions unemployed,
indebted to the hand that feeds
benefits to meet the needs
of people who don’t have a job,
who’ll doff their caps to any nob
who holds the purse strings of the state
and governs then these people’s fate,
who governs then this nation’s rump,
well then of course it’s right to dump
the source of our prosperity
and embrace austerity.

To the good old days they’ll take us back,
perhaps to 1940,
when Britain stood up to attack,
repulsing every sortie.
Backs to the wall, chaps, backs to the wall!
We’ll beat off the Hun
with cudgel and gun.
We’ll be best of them all,
and won’t it be fun?
If we don’t fall.

Well, those are the lies
that they used to disguise
what really is quite a disaster,
so now I advise
that you open your eyes
and don’t let the Fascist be master.

There’s yet another reason why
that poll should be left high and dry:
the Electoral Commission
has rules to keep elections fair.
Leave failed to keep a main condition,
as we all are now aware.
They obtained illegal data,
as we discovered somewhat later,
used that to target disaffected
voters in a well-connected
and illegitimate campaign,
persuading them that right as rain
our land would be if only we
from Europe’s laws could be set free.
Their little game was always blame
Europe.  Thus they gained their aim.

Fictional dirt, the Brexiteers flung it.
Votes of inadequate people then swung it.
The Government should take a hand,
tell us that this poll is banned
as null and void, but they won’t dare.
They fear the right.  They must beware.

The fascist right
now rules by might.
We must obey
whate’er they say,
for they control Teresa May.

How Putin must be chuckling
to see our country buckling,
to see the fragmentation
of our nation
must fill him with elation.

Is it our vanity
or just inanity
driving humanity
into insanity?
Every minority
grabs at priority,
Each separate community
sees opportunity,
brings fragmentation
into our nation

Every minority
grabs opportunity
seizing priority
acts with impunity,
scorning authority,
causing disunity,
brings about strife
with the gun and the knife.
Haven’t you seen
that we have all been
this way before,
leading to war?

We race into madness,
our hearts filled with gladness
when we should feel sadness
at all we have lost,
for what is the cost?
Of pounds we lose billions,
then harmless civilians
may die in their millions,
for madness before
has led into war.

Is it our vanity
or just inanity
driving humanity
into insanity?

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