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Robin Gordon

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I. Dr Pimple and the Sleeping Beauty

Chapter 1:The Royal Ball

Chapter 2:The Sleeping Beauty

Chapter 3:The Prince's Kiss

II. The Royal Wedding

Chapter 4: Problems for Oliver Simpkin

Chapter 5: Boris the Bear

Chapter 6: Prince Egbert and the suit

Chapter 7: Nightmare headlines

Chapter 8: Send for Dr Pimple

III. Dr Pimple's Miracle Cure

Chapter 9: Curious behaviour of a family doctor

Chapter 10: Stone soup

IV. Nanny Scungebucket

Chapter 11: Auld Hinnie McIldhu

Chapter 12: Oliver Simpkin forgets

Chapter 13: Preparations for a Quest

Chapter 14: Scungebucket Enterprises

Chapter 15: The last round-up

Chapter 16: The end of the Monarchy

Chapter 17: Beyond the Black Stump

Chapter 18: The Labyrinth

Chapter 19: Nanny's reign begins

Chapter 20: The search for the Chronicle

Chapter 21: Failure

Chapter 22: Queen Elizabeth & the Three Goats

Chapter 23: The Inauguration of President Scungebucket

Chapter 24: Ruahine-nui Makutu

Chapter 25: Choose!

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