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by Robin Gordon

Auksford crest: a great auk displaying an open book with the words "Ex ovo sapientia"

-  Auksford, 2004  -

--- Copyright Robin Gordon, 1993/2004 ---


Chapter 1: Strange new worlds

Chapter 2: Snotrag the Great

Chapter 3: Oggi

Chapter 4: Death of the hostages

Chapter 5: Hunted by Orcs

Chapter 6: The Gollum-Creature

Chapter 7: The Dwarf-Elf

Chapter 8: The Council of Goggi

Chapter 9: Horses, Orcs, Snotrags ... andTrousers

Chapter 10: War!

Chapter 11: Captured!

Chapter 12: Escape

Chapter 13: The end of the adventure

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